5 Sure ways to give your Feet some TLC By Daryl Stewart

An Irish Proverb states that, “Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.” There may be some truth in that but logically speaking, our feet brings us everywhere. The two feet that we have is the only pair we’ll ever get in our lifetime and it only makes sense to take care of it.

Our feet is essential and is needed in day to day life. Without it, we would experience difficulty. Issues such as pain, aches and blisters are quite common and can be bothersome. Wearing the wrong size shoes can even cause serious feet problems such as foot spurs that may require surgery to correct.

At the end of the day, our feet deserve some TLC just like any other part of our body since this is used on a daily basis so go ahead and give your feet a well-deserved vacation.
Here’s how…

#1. Skin Care
Dry and cracked skin on your feet can look terrible and not to mention, be very painful. Our feet take in friction with every stride and the more you walk, the more susceptible you are to corns and calluses. This poses a threat to your health because these small issues that usually go unnoticed can be a cause of infection. Moisturize your feet with lotion to help soothe and soften the skin on your feet.

If you love wearing sandals with thin soles, you might have experienced aches and pains in the arch of your foot. This is caused by your shoes not having enough support and padding. We exert effort on our feet and when we walk, we apply pressure or our weight into our feet so if you are walking with thin soles then chances are, you are definitely bruising your feet. Select shoes that have enough padding and can withstand the weight of your feet. They should feel comfortable, as if you have cushions in the sole of your feet. If the sole of your shoes feel hard then I guarantee that your walk will be uncomfortable.

3#. Wearing the right size
This is the most common issue that everyone gets wrong: choosing the correct size when purchasing shoes. Often times, people would immediately select the same size over and over again without trying on the shoe. What they don’t realize is that our feet can still grow. In fact, during the day, our feet can still swell so your size in the morning may be different at night. Make sure that you try on each and every shoe that you will purchase especially if this is a pair that you are most likely to wear on a daily basis. Walk around and get a good feel before making that final purchase. Pro tip from the shoe experts at NuShoe, always wear comfortable shoes!

#4. Health is wealth
Taking care of your feet is similar to taking care of your heart or your brain, it needs to be kept healthy in order for it to work at its optimum. It’s easy to keep our feet’s health in tip top shape. Make sure that you get enough vitamins. Eat food and drink liquids that are high in calcium so that your feet have strong bones. Take walks so that your feet can get exercise and have great blood flow.

#5. Get a massage
Just like your back, your feet deserve to get a massage too. If you often feel aches and pains, get a foot massage. Doing so improves circulation and blood flow as well as prevention from foot injuries. Our feet also has pressure points that are connected to other parts of our body so getting a foot massage can improve overall health.





Daryl Clark has been assisting with online Marketing for 6 years. He has been managing online businesses for 17 years and is the owner of D. Clark Associates.

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