4 Salient ways to exercise your neck

I’m sure you’re like of all the parts of the body to exercise, why the neck? Why not the neck i ask in reply? The neck has got vital blood vessels with major muscles protecting these blood vessels and so its susceptible to stiffness, cramps, pains etc. So it’s advisable to exercise it everyday.

The exercises are simple and can be done even while performing house hold chores In the morning. We’ll be dealing with three


Exercise 1
Bend your chin down so that it touches your chest, and raise it up so your head is bent backwards. Do this repeatedly 7-10 times

Exercise 2
Turn your chin to your right side so that it touches your right shoulder, return it to the midline and so same on the left shoulder. Do this repeatedly for 7-10 times.

Exercise 3
Bend your head so your right ear touches your right shoulder, do same on the left shoulder, do this repeatedly 7-10 times

These exercises can be comfortably done sitting or standing. Exercise 2 & 3 can be done lying flat on your back.

Watch video clip here

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