#SideTalks #3: Can you date or marry your best friend’s ex?

Morning FAM, it’s another edition of side talks and the question of the moment is, “can you date or marry your best friend’s ex”?

Its a dicey situation because depending on how recent the breakup was, it could be hurtful. And also it may create room for suspicion because one now begins to wonder if the relationship has be going on behind your best friend probably leading to their subsequent breakup. Well enough of my talk, let’s read the opinions of some selected few.

Mr. Imasuen

No i cant date my best friend’s ex. I won’t be comfortable wit my best friend  anymore. the relationship between me and him is too close for me to betray his trust. ~Mr. Imasuen

Miss. Queenjey

“Best friend” “Ex” . its very possible to date or marry my best friend’s but its going to be one hell of a complicated case. As long as the “Ex” didn’t become an “Ex” because I snatched him from my friend then YES!!!. Also There comes a point in one’s life when your happiness should come before anything… Especially if it has to do with a long term situation. Selfishness is allowed! ~miss queenjey

Mr. Vincent

Hmmm, I don’t think so. I won’t get that close  to my best friend’s ex reason being that I respect the friendship I’ve got with him. I don’t think we’ll be close anymore if I date or marry his ex…~mr. Vincent

Mr. Jandy

Depends on the circumstances. What if it was destined for me and the girl to be together? But looking at it realistically I won’t date a girl that dated my best friend becus while she was dating him I would have sister zoned her already… That’s how friends roll. ~Jandy

Miss. Eva

it’s hard though. But I think it depends on how they separated. if it was on a mutual note, I may consider it. ~Miss. Eva

Dr. Nyero

Why not? I can certainly date my best friend’s ex. As long as I wasn’t the one that broke up the relationship. Love found us. ~Dr. Nyero

Engr. Sosa

No I can’t date my best friend’s ex. Its against the guy code. ~Engr. Eweka Sosa

What’s your opinion? Can you? Is it right? Drop your comments below or use the hashtag #DCBsidetalks to comment on Twitter


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