LISTEN… ๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ‘‚

The world has become so noisy, so busy and we move along with its flow without first stopping to listen. We are so encumbered with this life issues and dance to the tune of the world that we never stop to listen. 
In our life pursuits we fall and make grievous mistakes and take regrettable actions.  We get up again promising ourselves that we will never fall for such mistakes again and not before long we are back where we started, entrapped yet again in another mistake. And so begins the vicious circle.

A time comes when we fall,  we don’t bother getting up because we feel there’s no point to it actually you tell yourself,  “what’s the point getting up when I know i’ll fall again”. You forget that though a righteous man falls seven times, he gets back up again.  You become trapped in the sea of mistakes and regrets forgetting and silencing the voice in your heart calling out to you to receive grace and stand back up again.   You refuse forgiveness and righteousness that has been made available to you freely over two thousand years ago. 

You judge yourself and allow others judge you when even the Most Supreme Judge has forgiven and forgotten your past.  for HIS thoughts are not our thoughts, neither his ways our ways. He wouldn’t judge you as the world would.  You carry the weight of your past around when the Excellent Weight bearer has said,  “come unto me oh ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”.

You try to overcome temptations with your power fogetting that it’s not by power or by might but by God’s spirit. 

Because of your terrible mistakes and the fear of being judged, you’re wanna run out of church but know this… The Church Is like Noah’s Ark, It May appear To be Sinking But If You get Out You Will drown… 

I’m saying to you,  LISTEN… Tere’s always a still persistent voice in your heart,  that is never silent even when you ignore it, listen to it.  No matter how far gone you think you are, God says he’ll never leave you nor forsake you… LISTEN. “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”‘, ignorance is no defence for you to remain down in sin… LISTEN. 

HEBREWS 4:16-  So let us come boldly tongue throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time if need… LISTEN.  you can’t run this race without God’s grace, you will always us need it especially when the devil comes like a roaring lion seeking to destroy you… LISTEN.

What does Grace mean to me… It means that all my mistakes now serve  a purpose instead of shame. Let your mistakes serve a purpose, LISTEN and turn your heart towards God and he will be there to embrace you and cuddle you. 


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