Why men “Bite” by Pst. Iyke

​ I want to categorically state that there is no form of #biting from men against their wives or family that is justifiable. I had to start this way so that my readers will not think that I am here to support the men. On the contrary, I appear as one who supports the women more than the men.

Most men, including myself are guilty of these horrible bites that their wives receive from them. There are different kinds of bites largely dependent on the following





The implication is that all men don’t bite the same way because #ALL_MEN_ARE_NOT_THESAME!

~ Some men bite through #Physical_Abuse.

~ While some bite through #Emotional_Abuse.
~ Some others bite through #Verbal_Abuse (I call them nagging men).

~ Some bite through #Silent_Treatments. (they think that in their keeping silent they are avoiding the situation not knowing that their silent treatments is a strong bite).

~ Some Bite through #Cheating. (It was the Honorable Bishop TD Jakes who said that the worst thing you can do to a woman is cheat on her). 

~ Some bite by #Constantly_Reporting_Their_Wives. (so the woman gets to be summoned on constant basis and stands accused).

~ Some bite by #Deadening_Their_Emotions_And_Affections which is like air to the women thereby suffocating them (the women). 
The list of how men bite is actually endless, but I guess you now know why I said from the onset that none of the bites of husbands is justifiable.


Having said that, wisdom for a woman and home building are intertwined. Wisdom must be in place for the building of every level and every phase of the home. I don’t want to believe that a man can be all of the above absolutely because of 


#disregard or 

#disdain for his woman, but the world of men is such that when fully understood they can be cultivated to function according to the desire of their wives. 

Until that cultivation is wisely engaged women should implore 


#Encouragement and other relevant virtues in supporting their men and being the help meet assigned to them by divinity. This responsibility should not be compromised even when it looks as if it’s not being appreciated. 

Now this is how I conclude and again my conclusion is not making a case for the men or defending their cause, but my conclusion is based on the fact that men instinctively are wired provide for their household and if they can’t do that, it’s a dent on their #ego and #image. Reference to the scripture is made as a man being worst than an infidel when that provision is compromised. So, Instinctively men are wired to provide. They are wired to 




They feel horrible and less than men when they are unable to do those and more. This period appears to have most LOVELY men biting and they don’t bite because they are no longer lovely, they bite maybe because of the pressure and heavy responsibilities of this season. 

While it’s an absolute #YES! that this economic hard times would come and pass, I want to appeal to the women to be #TOLERANT and the men to be #LOVING regardless of the weight of obligations on them right now. 


Your bliss has not gone away! Don’t think it has. This is just a phase and if you hang on firmly, it would pass and you would smile again. I hope this helped somebody somewhere in the globe, if it did kindly share and comment 

God bless you!

Pastor Iyke is the resident Pastor of HOTR Benin

For more of Pastor Iyke’s articles,  visit http://www.pastoriyke.com


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