If you were to be paid a dollar for every positve thought you think, how much would you earn? Its easy for our minds to dwell on the negative, its easy to think of the most possible worst outcome. 
We are scared to think positively because we don’t want to get disappointed when we don’t receive what we expect. But you should know that our thoughts are powerful. They are able to bring to pass whatever our minds dwell on whether negative or positive.

Negative thoughts breed negative attitudes and they pattern our belief system, self esteem, health and our life in general. The life we live is 30%  what we experience and 70% how we react to what we experience. 

Even in the medical world, doctors tell patients that their psychology has a lot to do with recovery and not just drugs. If a patient has given up all hope of recovery, there’s no drug on earth that can cure that patient because the mind controls everything even the healing process.

When you think negative thoughts the devil capitalises on it and makes it happen. When you enforce it by voicing it out, you put a stamp on it and its like an order given, it happens the way you say it.

Learn to think positively no matter The situation. Develop a healthy attitude and also confess positively. Its never too late to start rebranding your thoughts. Let your thoughts be transformed by the renewing of your mind especially with the word of God.

The more you think and confess positively, the more things end up working for your good.



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