Pre-wedding photoshoot #6: Risky or trendy? 

Thanks to Instagram,  there is photoshoot for everything… “pre-wedding photoshoot “, “babybump photoshoot “, “back to school photoshoot “, etc with each individual  trying to outdo the  other in their own photoshoot. Some peeps go the extreme  in a bid to trend or gather more likes on instagram. Everything has become a competition. 

The pre-wedding photoshoots I’m featuring today seem to be trending and will make you “love” love but it Makes me  beg the question,  “what if the groom-to-be sprains  or pulls a muscle all in a bid to impress his fiancee,  will it be worth it?  

#Whatdoiknow after all,  I don’t know how far I’ll go when it gets to my turn cause believe you me,  I’m an extremist too. 

Enough of the boring talk.. Do enjoy



featured image


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