4 sure ways to get over an “OOPS!!! “

OOPS!!! can’t believe I just did this… Ive made the biggest mistake of my life,  can I recover from this?” she asks… 

Yes you sure can… Truth is Each day we wake up, we are faced with decisions. Only a dead man has no decisions to make. Some decisions  are easy  While  some could be quite difficult. Some decisions are mundane while others could be life changing. Some Decisions are right while others are wrong but even when faced with both, because of circumstances beyond our control, we are torn between both choices even when we clearly know the right from the wrong. 

We go through life making one decision or the Other and since we are humans were bound to make  a wrong choice or decision even when we know what is clearly the right thing to do. Most times when we choose to make wrong decisions, we live to regret them and getting Over them seems impossible 

So no matter what wrong decisions or mistakes you’ve made you’ve got to pick up your pieces and move forward. I’ve made my own share of bad decisions and I’ve come up with a way to get over them and trust me it has helped 

1#. Acknowledge your mistake 

You’ve got to admit you’ve made a mistake.  You’ve got to own up to your bad decision and not apportion blame to some other person or event. 

2#. Reflect back 

To move forward you have to reflect back to the circumstances surrounding the wrong decision you made so you don’t repeat same mistake

3#. Forgive yourself and move on 

What stops most of us from moving on is the fact that we can’t seem to forgive ourselves. We keep on looking  back not believing we were so dumb to make that wrong move. Forgive yourself dea. You are human and prone to mistakes.  Only God is infallible so forgive yourself , learn and move on. 

4#. Learn and grow up  

Take every life experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Maturity comes from learning and applying that knowledge. Some people learn from other people’s experiences while others need to experience theirs before learning. Don’t ever move forward without learning and taking steps to make sure that mistake doesn’t repeat itself. 

I Hope this post was helpful,  if it was drop a comment or send an email to drciciblog@gmail.com


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