“Mummy’s boy” versus “Jesus Boy” by Pastor iyke

From my position and possibly from the position of a divorce judge, we could conclude quickly that mummy’s boys are not fit to marry.  When or if they do, expect that marriage to be short lived. 

With all due respect to my Mummy (and all the mummies out there). I am sorry that my wife has preference and is considered top priority compared to you. 

~• Mummies gave us the platform to grow when we were invisible, 
~• helped us to till we became visible & 

~• contributed significantly in training us and helping us become who we are, BUT our mummies are not us!  
Until the arrival of the day when you give another person preference and priority over you, then your mum can be more than your wife, but if that day does not arrive, your wife by all standards, (#Legal, #Logical, #Biblical & #Otherwise) remains far MORE! 

If you fly often like I do, you will remember that one of the instructions from the cabin crew says: “in the case of any cabin pressure, an oxygen mask would come out, secure yourself first before helping another.” 


In the game of this life, self security, self preference, self priority comes before any other person.

Men, your wife is not your mother, your wife is YOU! (#Ephesians5:28,29) And because she is you, she must be secured, preferred and put first even before your mother or anybody else. Women, by nature, love control and if you don’t strike the balance in favour of your wife, your mother might control you until your wife becomes an irritation to you. 

Since I mentioned balance above, let me say that an important balance to this argument is the fact that not all mothers work against their daughters in-law because their sons prefer them. However, my stand is for sons not to prefer their mothers over and above their wives. 
So the meat of my message is to call men to make the switch from being mummy’s Boys to Jesus boys. Most men will leave Jesus by the Side and consult Mummy over their marital issues. HOW DARE YOU?! 

Most men would ignore what Jesus has to say and adopt what Mummy said as the solution. Listen guys, if only we can acknowledge Him in all our ways, He will direct our paths. (#Proverbs3:1-6)
I am a Jesus boy, never a Mummy’s boy and what that means is that, at all times to the best of my #Conscious, #Unconscious &#Subconscious ability, I thrive, strive and push to do only what Jesus wants or says.

One old question we always ask to get people act right is “WHAT WILL JESUS DO IN THIS SITUATION?”Same question I am asking us guys; in the marital situation you are faced with right now, what will Jesus do? 

Do you know?

Are you aware? 

Have you asked? 

Can you do what Jesus Would do so that peace would reign? 

Let me conclude with a situation that existed between I and my wife. We were not in good terms. I was angry with her and so she was at me too.Like most men when you are that ‘mad’, you wouldn’t pick calls or return messages, chats or pings. 

Regardless of the anger, I woke up this lovely day and Jesus came and said it’s time to call your wife. Lol! Isn’t that amazing?  Jesus is remains the best! 
Guess what, I was not in town and I never knew she was in a situation; So I called. When my call came through, she was surprised, she narrated the situation to me and I unleashed forces to bring her out of that situation. 

The question is, what if I didn’t call at that time I did? My dear wife would have just gone through so much stress and pain because hubby is angry with me. 
Guys, quarrel has not taken away our responsibilities of 


#Provision & 


Fools hate during quarrel, but real men love even in quarrel.



On the other hand, when a wife is a mummy’s or daddy’s girl, I don’t know if that one is worse, but that would be a matter for another day.

If this blessed or helped you, kindly 


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