The Gift of Christmas by Pst.  Iyke

A man who knew Christ by revelation had a lot to say about Him because it is only by Revelation that Christ is made manifest. A book in the Bible is called revelation because the book kept revealing the glory of this Christ and the splendor of His beauty. Peter by revelation was able to answer the question of Christ which in the actual sense is a question of identity. 


The son of man looked at the son of Bar Jonah and said to him, flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my father in heaven..

Fast forward to Paul a man who was passionate about revelation and in his revelation he fell in love with the WHO WE ARE  IN CHRIST. IF I am to title all of Paul’s epistles, I will call them THE IN CHRIST REALITIES. Almost everything he said and every time he had to speak He opens our eyes to this IN CHRIST REALITIES.

It’s however imperative that we look at the cross which is the reason for his birth and understand why a man came and the purpose of His coming was to die. I truly don’t understand! Who ever comes just to die?  If I knew my coming is to die, I will refuse to come because it doesn’t make sense that the purpose of one’s coming is death.

His life which was for death guaranteed our own freedom from death and granted us redemption and this redemption Paul said is one of the things we enjoy IN HIM.
Paul called redemption THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS. So His blood which brought us redemption was shed for the forgiveness of our sins. Wow. That means I have been mistaken all this while, The purpose of his coming is not to die, but to shed His blood and forgive me of my sins?! Wow

As we remember and celebrate His birth, if we don’t make His purpose our purpose then the whole concept is abused. He came to forgive and in the occasion of the celebration of His birth we must forgive!

The gift of Christmas ladies and gentlemen is forgiveness. The author of forgiveness Himself said, if you do not forgive your brother who sinned against you, my heavenly Father will not forgive you. On the cross He cried out and said “FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO.”

Finally his disciples approached him (over an issue of some people who refused them access or passage to their destination) and said let us call down fire to consume them like Elijah did, but He said to them YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SPIRIT YOU ARE MADE OF!
We are made of the spirit of Christ and the spirit demands that 
~In hatred, we love 

~In anger, we are gracious 

~In vengeance, we embrace 

~In revenge, we forgive & 

~In evil, we do good.

Do you have that spirit? 

Do you know this Christ?

  • The light in the darkness 
  • The life to the death 
  • The sun that lightens the heaven 
  • The son of God
  • The seed of the woman
  • The glory and the lifter of your head
  • The breath of life 
  • The tree of life 
  • The son of David 
  • The smile in your gloominess 
  • The air that you breath 
  • The healer of your body 
  • The balm in Gilead 
  • The light in Goshen 
  • The head of your husband 
  • The head of the church 
  • The pillar of the heavens 
  • The creator of the earth 
  • The RESSURECTION and life 
  • The burden bearer 
  • The yoke destroyer 
  • The way maker 
  • The water Walker 
  • The help in ages past 
  • The bridge of hope 
  • The hope of the world 

  • He is wonderful 
  • He is Counselor 
  • He is the Everlasting father and
  • He is the Prince of Peace.

  • His government knows no end 
  • His reach is beyond measurement 
  • His network cannot disappoint 
  • His networth is unimaginable 
  • He embodies the fullness of the Godhead 
  • He lives in me. 

Then I wonder what is man that he is so mindful of Him….

  • He loves to be introduced, but the most eloquent cannot introduce him. 
  • The most read would lack words 
  • He is wiser than the wisest. 
  • He is both the power and the wisdom of God.
  • Professors learn professionalism from Him. 
  • He teaches teachers 
  • He Lectures lecturers.
  • The architect that designed the heavens 
  • The city builder 
  • The life moulder 
  • Destiny maker 
  • Wife giver 
  • Awesome wonder. 
  • Miracle worker 
  • Chain breaker 
  • Life giver 
  • Most Holy 
  • Most Righteous 
  • Husband to the widows 
  • The God of Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth 
  • The opener of the barren womb 
  • The softener of the hardened heart 
  • The father of the Prodigal Son

Truly the more of you we see, the more there is to see. 

  • He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 
  • The good of Rehab 
  • The hope of the rejected 
  • The friend of sinners 
  • The forgiver of the unforgivable 
  • The God of Pst. Paul Adefarasin 
  • The God of HOUSE ON THE ROCK Benin
  • The Gospel we Preach.


Pst. Iyke Is the resident pastor of House on the Rock, Benin

You can reach him on his social media platform; 

Facebook : Iyke NNAMDI Samuel 

Twitter : @pstiyke

Instagram : @pstiyke 


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