Dr.Cici’s Closet Collection Lookbook

I’ve been a fashion freak since time immemorial even in the good old school days when I couldn’t afford to buy the outfits that I loved. I always love to play dress up, look good and be stylish whether I’m going out or not, With time this passion of mine turned me into a shopaholic thereby digging a hole in my small pocket. Became so bad that a close friend of mine spoke a parable to describe my predicament, “this one fine, this one fine… Naim mad man take gather load”..( can only be said in naija pidgin).

So I sort out a cure and eureka I got an inspiration. I said to myself, “Cici, it’s time to turn your passion into a job/business and that’s how Chiexquisitefashioncrib was birthed. I’m still an incurable shopaholic but more of it is geared into expanding Chiexquisite Fashion Crib.

So this year has been quite eventful as regards Chiexquisite Fashion Crib, for all those who are unaware about Chiexquisitefashioncrib, its your one stop fashion shop for all quality and affordable fashion items ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, to watches, jewellery, bridal accessories etc,

Running Chiexquisitefashioncrib has been a blessing and I’m not talking financially but personally. Its really shown another sideof me that i never knew existed. Its led ed me into being an advertiser and a model (yes, I said model😁). I’ve got to rock amazing outfits both made in Nigeria and made outside Nigeria, and guess what I loved the “Made in Nigeria” outfits better.

So this has led me into another “Eureka” moment and I’m unveiling Dr.Cici’s Closet Collection (DCCC), an offshoot of Chiexquisitefashioncrib. I rocked some amazing outfits in 2016 and you can view them after this article. If you love them, they can be made just for you… (And no I’m not giving you mine…heheheh).

Sit back relax and enjoy 😍😍😍😍

To order for any of the above outfits, visit here


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