#YOLO:  Enjoy life to the fullest

I watched an inspirational video just when i needed it. It went thus ;

A professor in other to drive home a point, held a glass of water in his hand and asked his students how much the glass of water would weigh. Some guessed 5 ounces, others 10 ounces while some guessed 12 ounces. The professor shook his head and told them that the weight of the glass of water didn’t matter but how Kong he held the glass. If he held the glass for several minutes, it may not matter much but if he held the glass for several hours or through out the day, he may start feeling weak and unable to go about his other activities. That’s the way worry works, its paralysin when we focus on it all day long

Most times we are held bound by depressing thoughts, paralysing fears, limiting anxieties and worries. We worry and fret so much so that even when we ain’t worried about anything at a certain moment, we begin to worry that we ain’t worried about anything. I’m sure some of us can relate to that…
Growing up we worry about passing exams, 

After passing exams, we about graduating,

After graduating, we worry about getting a good job

After getting a good job, we worry about getting married to the right one

After getting married, we worry about having kids

After having kids, we worry about our kids passing exams
And so on and on we continue the cycle of anxiety and worry without stopping for once to live in the moment and enjoy life.
Try and enjoy life everyday.

 Stop being so hard on yourself, laugh at yourself once in awhile.

 Enjoy every situation and circumstance you find yourself.

 Learn from your mistakes instead of beating yourself up about them.

 Celebrate your successes instead of comparing them to the successes of others.
YOLO , You Only Live Once…enjoy life to the fullest
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