Much ado about Valentine


When I hear or read stuffs like you shouldn’t wait till valentine before appreciating the ones we love, or we shouldn’t celebrate it or that there’s nothing special about the day, its like saying we shouldn’t celebrate or be excited about Christmas because we are supposed to celebrate Christ everyday. Or lemme use another example before the overly religious ones crucify me for Comparing the sacred Christmas to Valentine.

Saying one shouldn’t be excited about Valentine is like saying we shouldn’t be excited about or celebrate the birthday of a loved one since we ought to show them love everyday. 

Don’t get It twisted, I actually understand the viewpoint of both sides, the Pro-Valentine & the Anti-Valentine and I think there’s a middle ground to both sides.

To the Pro-Valentine, you’re right to celebrate valentine. Its the day to celebrate love but here’s where you need to get it right. Valentine is a day to celebrate love not just with your spouse but with everyone. It ain’t the day to “make” love but to share love amongst everyone one we come across especially on that day. Its not just a day to buy and give gifts to that girl you’ve been “eyeing” but a day to buy gifts for both friends and family and neighbours (remembering that your neighbour is anyone you come across, not just the person living next to you). Yea, you may not get  to buy gifts for everyone, but lending a helping hand or any act of kindness is gift enough. GET IT RIGHT.

To the Anti-Valentine, I understand your view point and can’t blame you for it because Valentine has been abused and be used to perpetuate all sort of atrocities. But instead of preaching against it, reveal the beauty about it and sensitise the Pro-Valentine to show love the right way.


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