A penny for your Worries…

Worry has never produced any solution… the more we consciously remember that, the more we will be free. Every emotion we feel unconsciously can be made conscious and that’s how we get our power back and make a choice to either dwell on these emotions or move on to more rational thoughts and actions.

Whats stressing you right now, what’s that nagging thought that refuses to leave your mind alone? What are you so worried about that you’ve lost your happiness? 
The first mistake you’d make is thinking that your powerless to come out of that state. You maybe powerless at the moment against the situation putting you in this constant state of worry but you’re not powerless against this state of mind. 
I used to be a worrier, as in I dey worry for africa. I worry about everything, I could worry about simple petty things as petty as when will the next season of  Game of thrones premiere…I’m serious, it was that bad. When you’re a constant worrier, the devil will give you work.
One day I realized that life was passing me by while I kept myself occupied with worrying about every single thing. I was not enjoying the simple moments of life because I was worrying over the big things I didn’t have power to control and I decided that this wasnt life. I needed to start living again.
I may not have the answers to all the situations making you worry, neither am I an “anti-worry expert” but this tips below have helped me and still helps me because sometimes when I met myself I go, worry creeps in. They may help you too..
~Worry is an unconscious emotion you feel in response to a negative situation around you, you’ve got to be consciously aware of it
~Being consciously aware that you’re worried, gives you the power to choose not to be worried
~Being consciously aware that being worried won’t bring any iota of solution to your problem but instead compound your problem, will make the choice to stop being worried easier
~Worry steals your peace of mind and also steals your ability to make rational decisions, it pushes you to make desperate decisions.

 E.g if youre worried that at 35 years you ain’t married (a situation you can’t control), if you dont consciously check this thought, you’ll be pushed to act desperately like getting pregnant for any tom, dick and harry just to trap him into marrying you, whether or not you suit each other

~Realising that the you really can’t control the situation making you worry would also help to stop worrying and instead depend on the God who has the power over all things

~Sit (give yourself a break),  stop(worrying, and think (rationally) about whatever situation put you in that state of being worried…in this state of calmness, even though you may not be able to control the causative situation, you’d begin to have ideas on how to handle whatever it is. You may not have a direct solution at that moment but ideas on how you can bring about a solution crop up

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