Hair style trends #9: Natural hair styles as inspired by Omoni Oboli

Before i Transitioned into my natural kinky hair, I told a close friend about it and the next thing she said was, “you ain’t a celebrity oh, the hair no go fit you”. And as is with me naturally, once you tell me ” chichi you can’t”, that’s when i strive more to make sure I prove you wrong”. So yes, transitioning into my natural kinky hair was borne out of necessity and to also prove a point that being a naturalista ain’t just for celebrities. 

What’s my point, your goal may not be to transition your hair into the natural form, it maybe to start that project, release that single, start that business, get the services of a coach, enrol for that training and people around have been telling you that you’re not cut out for such. My dear, this is the time not to even prove them wrong but to prove yourself right that you are capable of doing anything and everything you wanna do…go for what you want, you deserve what you desire just like the next person, so go for it and dont allow nothing stop you. 

Enough of the seriousness, today is about showing you how to rock your natural hair inspired by Omoni Oboli, our own Hollywood icon.. Do enjoy


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