#Cicis2Cents #1: Social media vs. Reality

A few years back on My uncle’s birthday  as is my newly acquired tradition, i wrote an epic piece to celebrate with him and reveal how much he’s loved. I shared this epic piece on Facebook and Instagram forgetting that my uncle who’s not social media savvy wouldn’t see it. The next day, he called me angrily, demanding the reason why I didn’t call him up to fecilitate with him on his birthday and it then dawned on me that after my epic piece on Facebook/Instagram, I had forgotten to place a call across to the one who I had celebrated elaborately on social media.
Its no news that we now live online. Usually for the pious ones, first thing they previously did when they woke up was to say a simple prayer of “lord, bless my day” but now first thing we do when we wake up is to browse through our social media platforms(Instagram, Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, BBM) for new likes and messages. If we even remember to pray, we post it online along with the scriptures we mistakenly came across

Next we get ready and dress up for the day and take a quick selfie or portrait picture and upload online, (dress: @xyzcouture, hair @xyzhairsalon stylist @xyz photographer @xyzstudios), and all day long we keep checking our social media accounts for the number of likes that picture has earned us. At the end of the day, our mood and self confidence is boosted or deflated by the likes or lack thereof.

~•Real friendships/relationships are becoming obsolete. Its been taken over by Facebook friends, Instagram followers, whatsapp and BBM contacts. The old tradition of physically checking up on friends is now old school. We Keep tabs on friends from social media updates. We felicitate on celebrations and sympathize on loses all on social media. Even placing a call to send warm wishes is now considered expensive or strenuous. When a so-called social media friend goes offline for awhile, and our messages can’t get across to them… We dont bother finding out about their welfare through calls or visit until whenever they come online.

~•Infact, there are social media friends we relate with so closely online yet in reality we dont exchange two words whenever we meet up with them, what does that tell you? 

~•many have also been caught up in “situationships” with online boyfriends/girlfriends who never call nor visit but who regularly ping them to ask how their day was and if they’ve eaten.. It’s no wonder there is an epidemic of heathreaks and depression from unfulfilled and unwarranted expectations


~•Just a quick reminder that there’s social media and there’s reality and both are worlds apart. Real friendships and relationships can never be built online, quote me.

~•You can network online with potential business partners but you cannot build a connection with real friends online. You cannot develop real relationships online. If you doubt this, take a break from social media for a few days, or even weeks if you can survive it and see how many of your so-called social media friends/followers will notice that you’ve not been online. And for those who will notice, you’ll see how many will bother to call you up or even visit you to find out what went wrong.

~•We are in the digital age and data is the new oil I agree, but please let’s create a balance between the virtual world and the real world. Let’s step back a little to the ancient paths of developing real relationships and creating real connections.

~Lets spend less time seeking false attentions from the online community and instead pursue impacting  real lives in the real world.

~say no to Virtual relationships/situation ships. Dont give room your T.E.A (Time, Energy and Attention)  to anyone who hasnt shown a real desire to develop a relationship with you just because they ping you everyday. BBM/whatsapp pings ain’t a yardstick to measure real love, dont be carried away by them, guard your heart.


Happy weekend💋💋💋

Nwaogwugwu Chinyere

#StillALearner #CicisLearnerSeries #mytwocents #Cicis2Cents


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