Be your own personal MUA with this easy-to-do steps

Hi DCB FAM, its another lovely weekend. What’s the plan for this weekend? Rest or owambe? For me it’s definitely rest because I’ve been twerking all Friday courtesy #yadahnight. MakeUp Artists(MUAs) are ripping us left, right and centre just because we can’t resisit looking great whenever we want to go out for an event. Paying a MUA is worth the cash expended but there are some simple tips you can try out for that small event which will save you lot of money hiring a MUA.   Check these out ❤   Rosy cheeks Instead of adding blush after applying … Continue reading Be your own personal MUA with this easy-to-do steps

Professional outfits #3: scarves/neckties

Scarves have previously been used to tame hair, hide an old hairdo or for covering the hair in places of spiritual worship. But in recent times, scarves have more appeal as fashion accessories. They come in different materials, colours and styles. They are so versatile that you can tie, wrap ,knot, toss or fold depending on your mood, style or outfit. They add colour, charm and class to an outfit. In some cities like Paris, scarves have become a constant fashion accessory amongst the women in the work force. Tell us what you think of these styles below and try … Continue reading Professional outfits #3: scarves/neckties

Church fashion diaries #3: A splash of colour

A fantastic Sunday to y’all. Its another Sabbath day, a cool and sunny one at that. And its also the perfect day to look vibrant and fabulous in bright and bold colours. Colour blocking and colour mix match have ways of adding glam to your general appearance. Check these DCB ladies photo for inspiration Stay motivated❤ photo 1   photo 2   photo 3   photo 4   photo 5 which Is your best look…comment below Continue reading Church fashion diaries #3: A splash of colour

Style me pretty #1: plus size outfits

Fashion and style ain’t just for the small sizes and models. Fashion trends works just as well for the plus sizes. The trick is to get the proper colours matched and the right accessories. There are famous celebrities who are plus sizes and are pacesetters in the fashion world. Below are pictures of gorgeously dressed plus sized ladies to guide you on how to get dolled up.   Monochrome outfits work to hide the extra Size. It also has the advantage of playing up by our assets   Who says you can’t wear a crop top because you’re a plus … Continue reading Style me pretty #1: plus size outfits

What’s your skin type? : A skin care guide based on skin types

In order to take proper care of your skin, you’ve got to understand your skin type as this will help you choose appropriate products for it. And it will interest you to know that your skin types could change due to hormonal changes during menstruation or pregnancy. So you need to stay updated. KNOWING YOUR SKIN TYPE Wash your face thoroughly and dab dry Leave your face without make-up for a few hours Dab oil free blotting paper on each area of your face Check the blotting paper to see if any areas leave oil residue on the paper If … Continue reading What’s your skin type? : A skin care guide based on skin types

TGIF specials #1: the dinner date apparel

Its another Friday, a public holiday at that and I can guess that most of us are gearing up for an evening/night out. For those of us who have got a dinner date or a formal dinner event, here are some dinner gears to get you started and I included the gents too… All purple…coupled with a purple feather hairpiece and matching nail polish, you’re good to go girl Who’s that dapper dude bold enough to play around with colours, here’s the perfect style for you Silver and teal…wanna try Safe and neutral colours yet charming Pepper … Continue reading TGIF specials #1: the dinner date apparel

hairstyle trends #1: short and trim

Happy democracy day DCB sweethearts…its weekend again and I’m so ecstatic that we’ve got an early jump to the weekend with a public holiday. I know y’all ladies are scrambling for saloons to have your hair done in anticipation of the new week and new month. It could be exasperating cracking ones brain for new hairstyles and as such this has led most of us ladies to opt for short hairstyles. Short hairstyles can be achieved In two beautiful ways. You could make the bold move by cutting your natural hair short and styling it or you could weave on … Continue reading hairstyle trends #1: short and trim