The world has become so noisy, so busy and we move along with its flow without first stopping to listen. We are so encumbered with this life issues and dance to the tune of the world that we never stop to listen.  In our life pursuits we fall and make grievous mistakes and take regrettable actions.  We get up again promising ourselves that we will never fall for such mistakes again and not before long we are back where we started, entrapped yet again in another mistake. And so begins the vicious circle. A time comes when we fall,  we … Continue reading LISTEN… 👂👂

Sunday thoughts with Pastor Iyke: Grow up!!

I have always believed that ‪#‎Growing‬ is beyond ‪#‎Ageing‬.  Amazingly, people mistake ageing for growing.  Ageing will occur naturally, but Growing is an investment.  Everybody will ‪#‎Age‬, but ‪#‎Growth‬ is exclusively preserved for those who are intentionally deliberate. I have seen old people who are not … Continue reading Sunday thoughts with Pastor Iyke: Grow up!!